First Date

After talking with you online we decide that we should take things further. After all there’s only so much fun that can be had reading stories and looking at pictures.

Meeting up at your local bar we share a few drinks not being able to keep our eyes off each other, even the slightest contact sends a shiver of electricity through my body. You, noticing this begin to tease me by brushing up against me at every opportunity, first with your foot then by brushing your whole body past me as you make you way to the bar. Although your teasing me, I know that you’re enjoying yourself as when you brush past I can feel you nipples, hard and erect through you sexy white vest.

After necking our drinks you decide it’s time to head back to yours and I’m certainly not complaining as my cock has been aching to be released ever since clapping eyes on you. When we reach your front door you drop your keys on the floor and bending slowly to pick them up I catch a glimpse of you pink knickers clinging to that unbelievably sexy arse. I can’t make out if you’ve done this on purpose or if I’m just a perv but when you lean back into me, bum pushing against the noticeable bulge in my trousers, and give me a gentle kiss over your shoulder I realise that you definitely did it on purpose and that your just as horny as me.

As we climb the stairs to your bedroom I gently push you down so that I can now see you knickers under your skirt again and I reaching forward I pull you back so that I can plant a kiss on your sweet pussy through you knickers. Now I know for certain that you’re as turned on as me as gasping a little as I kiss, I can taste your dampness through your knickers.

Quickly finding our feet again we finally reach your bedroom and you make for the bed. Before you can get comfy I pull your skirt down so now that you lie before me just in your pink knickers and your white vest top clinging to those beautifully pert tits.

Taking my top off so that you can see my body I lower my self between your legs and once again kiss your mound through you knickers as you groan ever so slightly. Now rolling you over and grabbing you by the hips I pull your bum into the air and slowly pull your knickers down slowly revealing your sexy bum, first you’re ass-hole and then you beautifully shaved pussy. Now it’s my turn to let out a little groan, as I’ve never seen such sexy cunt.

Flipping you back over I begin to kiss your wet lips, first one side then the other until planting a gentle kiss on the hood of you clit. Now flicking gently with my tongue I work your clit, flicking this way and that, every now and then pushing slightly firmer, slowly building up the pressure. Now placing my thumb on the entrance to your pussy I begin to gently suck on you clit whilst still flicking with my tongue. As I build the pressure on your pussy with my thumb you begin to squirm and slowly you force yourself down so that now whilst I work your clit with my tongue you ease my thumb into you.

I can tell that your enjoying yourself as much as me as my thumb slips easily into your wet pussy and as I begin to slowly work it in and out, all the while sucking and teasing you clit, you quickly become flushed and soon the first waves of excitement ripple through your body as begin to cum for the first time. Now leaving you clit and pulling out my thumb I drink in as much of your juices as I can.

Now pulling away from me you get me lie on the bed and standing above me you slowly lower your hips and I watch as your sexy shaved pussy lowers onto my face. Pushing my tongue out I slowly work my way past your wet lips and reach into your cavern as far as I can and begin to lap and wriggle my tongue. Still wet from cuming, your juices begin to run down my face as taste as much of you as I can.

Now, quick as a flash you turn through 180 degrees so that now your bum is in my face. This makes it easier for me to work both you clit and your pussy with my tongue and also give you the chance to release my bulging cock from my trousers. As you lean forward your butt cheeks splay out before me and now I get a view of that glistening arsehole again. I groan as you take the tip of my cock in your mouth and as you do you push down hard onto my face forcing my tongue deep inside you. Now, letting my cock go you sit back upright and really begin to grind on my face and as I explore as much of you as I can with my tongue you begin to play with yourself, one hand reaching up and grabbing at your breasts and your other hand rubs the hood of you clit and soon your arching your back as you begin to climax for a second time.

Collapsing forward and gasping for air you again take my member in your mouth sinking your mouth down until you almost reach my balls.

Lifting yourself up you work you way forward, still with your bum facing me, and easing my cock skyward you lower yourself onto me. We groan together as you slowly ease yourself down until you can sink no lower and my cock fills you entirely. Now you begin to grind, forward and back, this way and that, and I can feel the swollen head of my cock rubbing inside you, brushing up against you g-spot. I’m glad to let you have control, as I wouldn’t be able to satisfy you the way you are satisfying yourself and I’m enjoying watching you slowly lose control. For a while it’s like I’m not really there as you work yourself into a frenzy, grinding and groping until finally exploding in ecstasy.

After turning around you slowly ease yourself back on to my shaft and now I can see you beautiful face all flushed with excitement and that dirty smile as you tease me by slowly easing me out of you before sinking back down taking me all in. Reaching forward I pull you white vest over your head and finally I get to see those pert tits of yours, nipples erect. As you begin to work faster I begin to thrust harder and with each thrust your tits bounce in front of me and I can’t resist grabbing and groping and then leaning forward again I plant a kiss on each erect nipple.

You can take this no longer and climbing off me you position yourself on all fours and beg for me to enter you from behind. By now both of us are as horny as you can get and as I slip my cock past your wet lips you push back as hard as you can, so hard that my balls slap against you. Soon all decorum is forgotten and we fuck each other as hard as possible, your tits bounce with each thrust and soon we both grunt and explode in joy as we cum together.


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Sticky Mess

You are dressed in a secretarial outfit with suit jacket – white blouse – calf length boots, with your hair up, glasses and lovely black tights.

The camera surveys an empty room and you enter through the door.

You say you are here to take dictation for the letter, which needs to go out.

You sit opposite me on a chair, lean forward to show your cleavage and begin taking notes…. out of the blue you ask if I am looking down your cleavage and call me a naughty boy for taking advantage of the view!!

You ask if I would like to see more and sit back in your chair and begin unbuttoning your blouse to show your bra!!

You call me a naughty boy again and ask if I would like to see your breasts!!

You pop your breasts over the top of your bra – lick your fingers and begin to play with your nipples making them nice and erect – you ask if I like and say I have such lovely breasts don’t I?

You run your hands down your body and down your thighs to the hem of your skirt which you slowly begin to pull up revealing more and more of your lovely nylon covered legs………I’ve noticed you looking at my legs in the office – you like them don’t you – you say.

You play with your legs teasingly pulling your skirt higher and higher revealing more and more of them………….

Until after a couple of minutes your skirt is up around your hips.

You have your legs firmly together – you place your hands on your knees and slowly, tantalizingly open your legs to reveal the crotch of tights.

You smile into the camera and tease me saying do you like?

Is this what you’ve been wishing for?

You have a pair of black tights on with sheer crotch there is no gusset, so I can clearly see you pussy through your tights -


I let my gaze linger on the lovely sight and notice you have a white cord hanging out of your pussy leading up to a control box tucked into the waistband of your tights.

You say you couldn’t resist and you sometimes use it from time to time.

You run your hands over your pussy through your tights and gently rub your pussy through them – you tell me you have a love egg inserted in your pussy and you put it in especially today to tease you through our meeting………….

You spread your pussy lips through your tights, which looks great, spreading yourself wide asking if I would like to taste you and how great the egg feels inside you…

After a few minutes of playing like this, you run your hand up to the waistband of your tights and slide your hand underneath to play with yourself some more – all the while your tights are firmly on………

You pull up your tights and move your other hand underneath the

Waistband – you pull on the cord which is attached to the vibrating love egg and slowly begin to pull it out of your pussy…as it emerges from you the vibrating sound increases until it is completely out of you.

You hold it in one of your hands and rub it against your clit enjoying the sensations and emitting a little moan of delight………..

After a while you bring the egg out of your tights and dangle it above your mouth – you strain your neck up to flick and lick the egg with your tongue tasting yourself!

You’ve got a surprise for me – you ask – underneath the chair?

You reach underneath the chair and smile as you bring into view a white 8-inch vibrator!!

You dirty, kinky naughty bastard – you say – whatever should I do with this?

You take the vibrator into your mouth and lick it up and down.

Spitting on the end to make it nice and wet.

You run it down your body and turn it on, so it is vibrating – you play with your nipples with it and after finally spitting on it then run it down to your pussy and begin to play with your self!!

You run your free hand under your tights waistband and open your pussy lips – you then run the vibrating toy over your tights and spread wide pussy.

You begin to probe your pussy with the tip of vibrator – slowly

inserting it into your pussy through your tights….inserting more and more of it through your tights.

Until you have half of it inside you and you begin to move it in and out as you play with yourself.

You withdraw your hand from inside the tights and reach down to your side with a bottle of white lotion held in it.

You open the bottle and whilst still moving the vibrator in and out of your pussy – you upend the bottle and squeeze lotion down the length of the toy which oozes down it’s length onto your nylon covered pussy…. this helps lubricate the toy in and out of you and by now you are giving out low moans of enjoyment – saying how you wish it was my cock inside you…!

You slowly remove the toy from your pussy and I savour the view of your damp tights crotch all nice and sticky from the lotion and your juices.

You place the toy by your side and run both your hands under the waistband of your tights and insert the index finger from both your hands into your pussy – and pull your pussy wide – so I get a lovely view of your gaping pussy through your tights – you play with yourself like that for a while driving me wild with the view of you spreading yourself as wide as you can – through the tights it looks fantastic!!

You take your toy in hand again – run that underneath the waistband and slide it into your moist pussy – it is held in place by your tights – like your own little cock through your tights.

You turn the vibrator on high and pull your hands out of your

tights….you sit back in the chair and pull on the waistband of your tights……..pulling your waistband and releasing it – moving the toy in and out of you faster and faster – your moans increasing with every thrust – talking very naughtily telling me how good it feels and calling me all the names under the sun for making you do this!!!

Your moans and chat increases as you drive your self to nice, sticky and loud orgasm!!!!

You subside and remove the vibrator form your pussy.

As a parting gesture you open your pussy with both your hands through your tights – so I can see the sticky mess you have made of your tights and your lovely juicy satisfied pussy!!!


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Hot Lunch

We agree to meet for lunch in a bar in town.

The day is fresh, but bright and the sun feels good after a period of gloomy weather.

I arrive first and find a bench style table in one of the bay windows of the bar.

You arrive slowly after looking fantastic in your office outfit of black above the knee dress, jacket, tan hosiery and black calve length boots. Very nice indeed!!

I get up to great you and we smile as our eyes meet. I buy you a drink and we return to our table making small talk.

I cannot take my eyes of yours they are full of life and sparkle. I only avert my gaze to your legs.

You are sat crossed legged and your dress has ridden up to reveal a lot of your thigh. It makes my pulse quicken and my cock stir. You have gorgeous legs and as you know I have a weakness for stockings or tights.

As we chat and laugh I place my hand on your thigh just above the knee and savour the feeling of your leg in hosiery.

I stroke your leg and circle it higher and higher until I am at the hem of your dress. My finger sneaks under and I do not feel a band and therefore assume due to the fresh day you are wearing tights.

I see your eyes full and as you have not objected you are enjoying my hand on your leg stroking you. Boldly I move my hand under the hem and up towards the top of your thigh.

My hand probing between your crossed legs. Pushing down between them. Nearly at your crotch…………………

“Are these empty?” a young barmaid snaps us from our world. I look up and see her eyes look towards where my hand is, up your dress and hand between your legs.

I smile and she blushes.

You smile at her as well.

My hand strokes you a little harder as she watches………….she gathers the glasses and walks off…..

I suggest as the weather is sunny we go for a quick walk on the downs. You smile and agree it is a good idea.

We need a short bus ride to go from where we are to the open fields of the downs.

As we are queuing I am massaging the small of your back and your bum.

Your hands are stroking my arms. I feel excitement and my blood coursing through my body.

We go to the back of the one deck bus.

It is relatively empty with only six other passengers. Five in front of us and one sat right at the back to the rear left of us.

As the bus pulls away my hand moves back down to your thigh and runs up the inner side of it. Forcing your legs open, my hand quickly rising higher and higher pushing up your dress. You part your legs and allow me access.

My hand circles higher rubbing your thigh and up to your crotch…..your hand has moved to my lap and is rubbing my hard cock in my trousers.

You unzip my flies and slide your hand into my trousers……firmly grabbing me and rubbing.

My hand on your crotch rubbing your pussy through your tights and tracing the line of your pussy through them. I push them into you. Making them wet. Your dress up around your waist as I finger them into you and you pull on my hard cock……….god it feels so good.

I look over my shoulder to see the guy behind us watching intently as we play with each other.

God I am so hard for you and your tights are becoming increasingly wet.

We pull up to some traffic lights and a Range Rover pulls along side the bus. I see a woman in her early forties look out the window. Looking down on what we are doing to each other and I push your tights deep in you….they are very wet now and my finger is glistening. I whisper to tell you to look at her………..I withdraw my finger form your pussy and make you lick it so you can taste yourself.

All in full view of her.

She looks a little shocked and surprised as her car drives off ahead of us.

It is our stop.

We hurriedly re-arrange our clothes and get up.

I look at the guy who was sat behind us and wink, you flash him a smile.

We move down the bus and back in to the sunshine.

My heart is racing and I am buzzing at what is happening.

I take you buy the hand and lead you into the trees and bushes only a few metres away from the footpath.

I push you up against a tree and my hands are all over your body.

I kiss you hard on the lips, which you reciprocate…….our bodies tight to each other. My hand stroking your neck, down your back, up your side and onto your boobs where I feel you’re very erect nipples through your dress.

You feel my bulge pressing against your tummy and you reach down to undo my belt, button and flies.

You turn us around whilst you are still kissing me and you squat in front of me.

You take my hard and proud cock and balls in hand and lick the shaft………god it feels so good……………licking the shaft and taking the tip slowly in your mouth…I see numerous people passing barely 5 metres away on the footpath.

Your hot mouth feels so good on my cock, you are taking the full length in your mouth now sucking and nibbling the shaft.

Your tongue is working wonders on me…I am so hard and a little drunk on the sensation.

My hand on the back of your head, my hips rocking backwards and forwards with the rhythmic movement of your head sucking my cock…mmmmmmmmmmmmm……….

It is at this point I notice a couple of individual shadows in the trees further in the darkness. I squint to adjust my eyes and see two figures.

They seem to be jerking something between there legs. There are two dirty bastards wanking over us playing………………fucking brilliant!

I pull you to your feet and kiss you so I can taste my pre-cum in your mouth.

I turn you around and you hold the trunk of the tree.

I lift up your dress and admire your gorgeous arse covered in tights.

I rub the tip of my hard cock up and down the line of your pussy, probing you with it.

I am so hard and as I push my cock into you through your tights I see I leave a trail of pre-cum on your tights…mmmmmmmmmmmmm. I lean forward to lick it off you………..

I pull down your tights and G-string to your knees, just above the tops of your boots.

I pull open your arse cheeks to look at your wet pussy. It shimmers in the half-light………….I finger you with my middle finger. You are very very wet…

I spit down your spread cheeks and see it run down over your bum hole and into your spread pussy.

I stand behind you and rub the spit into your pussy with the tip of my cock.

Fuck me you say…………

And a gent like me is not going to let the lady down.

I slowly inch my cock into you.

You feel me filling you.

You gasp as I go deeper until I am all the way in you.

I hold your hips as I begin to fuck you and you push back onto me.

I begin a harder faster rhythm. Fucking you hard now.

Hearing you get louder as I fuck you harder, deeper and faster.

Your pussy is so tight.

I feel you squeeze my hard cock with your pussy.

Your moans getting louder.

You fucking me harder………..I grab your hair and pull your head up and back………….it is now you see the four guys only 3 or 4 metres away all wanking off over us.

You eyes widen at the sight…………I feel you say yes……..yes…………yes…………

As a couple of the guys shoot their spunk in arcs whilst they watch us……….

You say yes, fuck, yes. Do me harder.

I pull your hair harder, spank your arse and pound your pussy with my hard shaft…….

I feel your pussy tighten, choking my cock as you feel the heat rise in your tummy and the itch become to much as you cum hard…………..gasping………..fuck yes………….you are so tight now……… see another of the guys cumming…………god yes……… it…fucking cum……… are gasping out loud………..the look of pleasure on your face make the final guy shoot his load which is a big one……….thick sticky stranger cum all for you……………

Your body is quivering with your orgasm.

You feel me cock get bigger in you………..growing in you and you feel my thrusts more urgent and my breathing quicken as I cum in you………….

You feel me pumping my hot white cum deep in your pussy, which makes you have another mini orgasm.

My hand clenching your hip tightly as I pump you full………..god soooooooooooo good.

I am still cumming, my cock pulsing all my dirty seed in you.

You feel my cock twitches subside and you feel me withdraw…

I pull open you arse cheeks and see my sticky white cum drip from your open wide pussy into your tights and over your G-string.

I help you pull up your tights with creamy cum in them and pull down your dress.

I love the idea of you with our cum in your tights for the rest of the day…………..

I kiss you long and hard………..then we make our way out of the foliage and back to the bus stop.

I think we might be late back from lunch.

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The Adventures of Lucy London Premier Escort

It had been a long journey to the Punisher’s from her Kensington pad. Lucy was so far away from her beloved London. Lucy was more a Made in Chelsea Gal, shopping in Knightsbridge and the West End. With this in mind she decided she had to do some research so watched rerun downloads of Geordie Shore.

After a 4hr drive Lucy, one of London’s most elite escorts, had finally arrived in the deep dark North East land of Ant and Deck, Magpies, Black Cats and Smoggy s.

Lucy still couldn’t quite believe she had made this mad cap journey. Lucy an elite escort of some renown, young, beautiful, witty, intelligent, sexy, resourceful, and a very successful professional business woman. This was a secret visit; back in London her friends knew nothing of this visit. Sitting here in her car, Lucy’s young hot, tight, fit size eight bod and 32DDs, dressed in her new Le Perla bra, silky top, under bust leather corset showing them off to perfection.

Her latex mini, enhancing her freshly shaved, rock hard, ass. Lucy knew just how hot and how sexy she was looking she was the one who would be in control once he saw her.

They met on Facebook

He is a filthy pervert whose stories made her wet. He got into her head, nobody gets in Lucy the elite escorts head, he’d teased and tormented her for over a year and finally she succumbed to his invitation. But Lucy planned to use all her escort talents and make him her bitch. Teach him a lesson and show him who was in charge once and for all.

Lucy so wanted to please him, the Punisher, she followed his instructions to the letter, especially on the way he wanted her dressed for her visit. Lucy even bought a pair of Thigh High Ballet Heels. She parked her car, and changed into her ballet heels before walking towards the door. As she rang the doorbell a commanding voice hailed from within.

Lucy was a little scared, nervous, apprehensive, excited and wet, very wet.

“Cum in Slut Hole”

On entering, Lucy looked around and noticed nothing out of the ordinary, just another kitchen. In the far corner, she spotted a figure dressed in black leather trousers, leather vest and heavy work boots. Her eye’s drawn immediately to the large bulge straining at the doubled studded flap. Being a cock hungry slut Lucy just couldn’t help but stare and drool a little hehe she thought nom nom.

As the darkened figure approached her, Lucy instinctively backed away ever so slightly.
A stern voice barked the command “Stand still slut, bow your head, keep your eyes down”.

Lucy figured it was him, the Punisher, and followed his instructions and waited. She could see the thick heavy leather collar surrounded by a bright steel band in his hand.

“Turn around slut”, he commanded.

Lucy did as she was told. As he stood behind her, he grabbed her by the hair, yanking her head hard backwards. Lucy yelped, wincing from the sharp pain. In doing so, Punisher exposed the soft delicate skin of Lucy’s strong but fragile neck.

Punisher bent the steel band of the collar around Lucy’s neck, making it a very tight fit, and then padlocked it. He then gave Lucy leather cuffs for her wrists and ankles and instructed her to put them on.

Punisher checked them before giving them a final tightening and padlocking them in place.

It was very clear that Lucy’s predicament was becoming increasingly more difficult as Punisher padlocked her cuffs behind her back.

Lucy tried desperately to wiggle and wriggle her wrists free of the leather cuffs that held her in a vice like grip to no avail. She realised there was no way she was getting out of these without a key. Punisher did exactly the same to her ankles, ankle cuffs, but this time adding a small chain.  The chain cuffs and Ballet Boots seriously reduced any chance of Lucy escaping. The effects of all three restricting her movement even further as she tried to walk.

Punisher grinned, an evil grin as he padlocked the shiny steel chain to her collar. As Lucy opened her mouth to utter words of protest Punisher filled it with a fierce looking stainless steel ring gag, the leather straps biting hard into her cheeks, as he pulled the straps tighter, padlocking them, which made poor Lucy’s jaw really ache.

It was becoming very obvious to Lucy just how powerless and vulnerable she was. Punisher led Lucy towards the back of his kitchen to a large rack full of swords and knives hanging on the wall.  She could tell from the glint in Punisher’s eye, and the way he lovingly caressed each and every one, from their ornate and decorative handles to their steely tempered blades, describing them in such graphic detail, there death dealing and torturing uses. Just how much He loved them. At the same time as describing his beloved collection. Punisher informed Lucy just how he intended to use one of his favourite knives, the Katana, on her. As he chose his favourite Katana, emphasizing, just how easily it sliced through just about everything as he threw a silk scarf in the air, then allowing it to land and slice in two against the blades finely honed edge. The sun streaming through the kitchen window danced off the highly polished deathly steely cold honed blade.

Punisher teased Lucy mercilessly, slapping the flat side of the blade against the cheeks of her face, its bone slicing point just millimetres from her eyes. Before slowly running the point down the sides of her neck, across the tops of her near naked shoulders, before slicing through the straps of Lucy’s brand new, sexy top, with little or no resistance. The tip of the blade moved effortlessly across the surface of Lucy’s flawless soft tanned goose bumped skin, lubricated only by rivulets of perspiration, generated by the fear and excitement coursing through her hot sexy body and wickedly perverse mind. Lucy’s voluminous 32DD’s are all that stopped her now ruined top from falling to the floor. Punisher slid the tip of his knife down the front of Lucy’s top, slicing through it, like a hot knife through butter. Lucy took a sharp in take of breath, as she watched the tip of the cold steel; disappear between her beautiful 32DD’s.

The heady cocktail of fear and excitement caused Lucy’s nipples to ache, as they grew ever harder, desperately trying to tunnel their way through Lucy’s new lace fronted bra.

The only thought running through Lucy’s head, was she had nothing to drive home in.
The stainless steel gag muffled her pleadings. Punisher laughed as he instructed Lucy to

“Shut the fuck up”,

Lucy’s new bra cut and ripped from her body was thrown to the floor, freeing her beautiful 32DD’s. She felt a stinging pain as his steely hands, slapped hard against the firm flesh of her 32DD’s.Punisher slid the back point of his Katana slowly down between the cheeks of her rock hard arse, The highly polished sharp blade glided through the laces of her latex skirt as if they didn’t exist.  Punisher let her latex skirt slide and fall down her toned thighs, leaving it draped around her ankles.

As he stood in front of Lucy, he pulled the front of her lacy thong hard in an upward movement against her already throbbing clit, using the material to stroke and tease it. Lucy hoped he hadn’t noticed just how wet her hot aching cunt had become. Its juice’s oozing past her swollen blood filled lips.  Her slightly swollen clit pressing hard against her hood. Punisher leaned in close and whispered in her ear “Now Cunt Meat”.  Ripping the flimsy material of her lacy thong from between her thighs Punisher kicked the remains of Lucy’s’ Latex skirt from her ankles, leaving them in a heap on the floor.  He then led Lucy to a door at the other end of the kitchen.

To her surprise and fear it opened to the outside, the thought of being led outside in broad day light dressed in a corset, ballets boots and stockings, hobbled, cuffed on a collar n lead sent waves of humiliation and fear over her. As much as she tried to resist, it was impossible, the combination of hobbled ankles and ballet boots meant it took Lucy all her time to keep upright.

She began to wonder what she had let herself in for. Luckily the garden wasn’t over looked and she was only a short distance from a big wooden door, leading into large barn like building.

Once inside, the room was vast and appeared to be spotless clean, white tiled walls and a grey lino type floor. A round low stage like platform in the middle of the floor dominated this part of the room. It was covered in what appeared to be dark red vinyl with chrome steel rings all around the sides.

Punisher led his cunt meat around the room showing what lay ahead for her.
His toys and tools were hanging from hooks on the walls and on stainless steel shelves.
As they approached the opposite end of the room, Lucy could see a shower area.
Punisher pointed out the large steel phallic shaped shower heads and just grinned.

Punisher’s grin, instilled a fear of dread in Lucy, but also stirred a certain excitement inside her, making Lucy’s nipples ache even more. In front of the shower area was a gynaecological chair, with leg rests set at the perfect angle for deep hole exploration and use.

Punisher continued his tour of his domain, he forced Lucy to her knees and made her crawl on all fours and heal to command. Any resistance from Lucy was met with a swift hard whack on her ass. Punisher delivered these with his punishment stick, the stinging sensation bringing tears to her eyes. Lucy could recognise it from his collection of dungeon toys displayed in profile pictures.

Punisher led her to the dark red topped stage and forced her onto it, keeping her on all fours.

Punisher forced Lucy down hard crushing her 32DDs into the cold red vinyl.  Punisher pulled her arms out to the side of the platform and padlocked her cuffs to the steels rings on the edge of the platform.  Unlocking the hobbling chain from the ankle cuffs, he spread them wide one to each side, padlocking her ankles to the steel rings at the bottom edge of the platform, putting her body into a star shape.

The shock of the hot wax as it hit the small of her back and then running slowly down between her soft sensitive butt cheeks brought even more salty tears to Lucy’s already reddened eyes.
Lucy let out an almighty scream, only to be muffled by the ever biting steel ring gag, Punisher continued pouring the hot wax until both of her smooth soft cheeks were completely covered.

Then he began the slow rhythmic flogging with two soft hind floggers one for each cheek, turning her sweet little wax covered ass cheeks even redder and hotter.

The intensity and speed ever increasing with every stroke, the salty tears rolling down Lucy’s cheeks burning as hot as her tortured little ass, her cries and pleadings only drove Punisher to flog her faster and harder going on for about 45 min’s of searing heat and pain, and then suddenly he stopped.

Lucy so needed to caress and sooth her burning butt cheeks but due to her wrists being chained down this was impossible.  She sighed behind the tears and was thankful the flogging had stopped, but became concerned when she couldn’t see or hear him.  The sound of his footsteps got louder as he came towards her from the rear but still she couldn’t see him.
This time the shock and sharp intake of breath came from the iced water as it hit the same spot, the small of her back and trickled down between her burning butt cheeks and around her dripping soaking wet cunt lips. Punisher then pushed ice cubes inside her sore ass and wet cunt, this caused her whole body to jerk and shake against the restraints.  This amused him greatly, as she could hear him calling her cuntmeat as he laughed out loud. Keeping her on the low stage he unchained her ankles, raising her ass up putting her on her knees, face n tits forced hard into the red leather top.

Punisher unlocked and removed the leather cuffs, replacing them with a bar with double cuffs at either end. A solid piece with hinged rings that locked. two large on the outer end for her  ankles and two smaller rings inside the bar for her wrists.  After securing her ankles to the bar he released her wrists from the side of the stage and secured them by pulling her arms inside her knees n thighs, then securely locking them.  This exposed both her slut holes to any abuse he may decide on.  Pulling both her sore reddened ass cheeks apart he spits right in tight little ass hole.  “That’ll do for lubrication” he tells her,  Stroking her cute little brown pink rosebud and pushing his thumbs deep inside, before sliding his 3 pronged stainless steel anal speculum and slowly stretching her little tight ass hole wide open.   After using the speculum to stretch her tight little ass he pulls it out leaving it a little gaping.

Wetting his fingers on her cunt juices, he forces them into her already opened little ass hole.  Spreading and stretching it further till he gets all 4 of his fingers in.  After fucking Lucy’s poor sore abused hole with them, he pulls out his hand, rams his thick hard long cock deep inside. Punisher starts pounding her tight little hole, with long deep slow strokes, burying deep inside her.   He stops fucking her and pulls his cock out.  Lucy felt the cold steel as it slid inside her now very sore hole. It was thicker than Punisher’s Cock but as he fucked her with it, she could tell it wasn’t as long. All the time he used his wand on her clit making her cunt wetter, to the point her juices dripped on the floor and her aching clit throbbed mercilessly, she could feel her body shake as the orgasm started she screamed through the gag .  He was making her cum and wasn’t going to stop. The steel wand felt heavy inside her, the cold steel had a soothing effect on her burning not so tight any more hole. Lucy felt the first convulsion as the electric current from the steel wand ran through her arse making it grip the electric stim wand tight. Punisher pressed the Hitachi wand hard against her aching throbbing clit.

The combination of the vibrating wand on her clit and the electro wand in her ass was beginning to make her head spin and her whole body ache from the convulsions caused by her multiple orgasms.  Punisher left Lucy like this, with the Hitachi wand tied to her body pressed hard against her clit.  He switched the clit wand off leaving her little spasming ass working hard, and walked away. Then after a few minutes, he came back and switched on the clit wand and again walked away, this went on for what seemed like an eternity. When Punisher returned this time he disconnected the wands and untied them, released her from the locking bar, and put on her leader and made her crawl on all fours to the Gyny chair at the other end of the room.  Lucy was glad that was over, and was happy to crawl as she didn’t think she could stand and walk at this point, her whole body ached and she still felt dizzy n light headed.

The Gyny Chair

Lucy was made to sit and beg like a puppy at her Master’s feet right in front of the chair.
She squealed a little as Punisher grabbed her by the hair and dragged her to her feet; she was still wearing the steel ring gag.  Punisher reached to one of the hooks on the wall for his rope as he instructed Lucy to raise her hands above her head.   He began to tie her tits individually, wrapping each one, the rope biting into the soft flesh of her beautiful 32DDs encasing them completely making them stand straight out.  Punisher instructed Lucy to put her arms down and point her wrists straight in front of her.  He removed the leather cuffs and then he quickly tied them together leaving a long piece dangling.  Telling her to turn around to face the other way he unlocked the steel gag and removed it.  Lucy gave a sigh of relief and a little smile.

This was to be short lived as a head harness was put on her with a thick black rubber bit; the straps were adjusted and tighten till it made her gag. Punisher spun Lucy around so her back faced the chair, and instructed her to step back and up into the chair and lie back against the back rest, as she did this he walked round behind her, grabbing the rope dangling from her wrists and pulled it up and over her head, securely tying it underneath the back rest.
Punisher instructed Lucy to lift her legs up into the angled leg rests and stirrups, before strapping them in, and spreading her legs wide open, and locking them in place.  Lucy felt as if her hips were about to pop.  Punisher strapped her arms to the backrest and put a thick leather strap around her waist.

Lucy weren’t going anywhere; she could see the ends of her 32DDs turning purple due to the tightness of the ropes. She watched as Punisher placed the plastic cylinder over her already erect sensitive nipple, which was then stretched inside the tube, as he began to pump the air out.   This brought even more tears to her now eyes. Punisher showed Lucy the long steel forceps with fine lengths of cord attached, she wondered what the cord was for, she was about to find out.

Punisher pulled one of her fully engorged swollen cunt lips to one side and attached the forceps, the pain was intense as the rubber jaws bit into the soft flesh of her swollen lip.
Lucy sank her teeth into the rubber bit of the head harness, and bit it hard.
Punisher just left the first forceps dangling, as he attached the second. It felt as if her lips were being torn off.  Punisher took the cord attached to the forceps, pulled it tight and tied it to her big toes, pulling and stretching her lips wide open, exposing her gaping soaking wet cunt hole.

He took a cylinder from one of his shelves it looked about 6 inches long with about a 2 inch diameter and attached it to her clit with the intention of stretching it. Giving her her very own willy. She felt the suction stretching her poor little swollen clit.

Once he was satisfied with the length he stopped pumping, disconnected the pump and put on his black latex gloves. Using her cunt juices to lube them, he then rammed his fist into her aching little ass whole.  He started twisting his hands as he pounded her poor little hole.
Pressing his fingers against the wall between both slut holes, as if trying to come through into her cunt.  Punisher pulled his gloved fingers out and inserted a large clear but plug with what looked like sliver foil up either side. Then he removed the cylinders from her nipples wrapped the elongated hyper sensitive nipples with fine copper wire and attached a crocodile clip to wire, and a soft rubber patch to the now dark purple of her areola.  Switching on the current to her tits, with a slow rhythm and low intensity just enough to make her rope encased purple titties dance.  Punisher attached cables to the clear plug in her ass hole, and decided this would have a much higher intensity and frequency of current.  The current made the muscles around her cunt and ass, spasm so hard gripping the plug tightly.  Lucy attempted to force it out but failed.  Punisher stood right in front of Lucy, Bent over her dick like throbbing clit and slid a fine loop of cord down the cylinder and tied it tight at the base of her erection before removing the cylinder.   Lucy’s engorged clit stood like a perfect little cock, but very sensitive, the slightest breeze sent waves of pure ecstatic pain through Lucy’s entire body.

Punisher slid his thick hard cock into her gaping oozing cunt and fucked her hard n fast, as he turned up the intensity and frequency to her electrified tits n ass.   While driving his rock hard cock deep in her cunt pounding her cervix, he applied his Hitachi wand to her very own cock this making Lucy convulse shake and scream, as she fought hard against all her restraints.
Shaking, her tears strolling down her face eyes pleading for it to stop as she squirted her cunt juices all over his cock and balls.  Punisher felt himself coming, pulled out his thick hard cock and emptied his hot salty load over her swollen throbbing clit and fully engorged pussy lips.

He then walked away and left her strapped to the chair, shaking still attached to his electro toys.

Lucy’s was just about to pass out when she heard a couple of voices, sounding female.
Lucy could feel the darkness coming over her eyes as the current was turned off and all the electro toys were removed from her tired aching little body.

As she heard a soft voice say  “Naughty Punisher left the cuntmeat to fry”  Lucy was released from the straps and stirrups, the rope connecting her wrists to the back of the chair was untied but left tied to her wrists, keeping them securely tied. Lucy was made to sit on the edge of the seat till she was able to stand.   The head harness was removed but replaced with a rubber ring gag, the leather collar was replaced with a very high thick rubber collar, and finally her purple sore aching titties were freed from the strangling rope.

Time for a Shower

In front of Lucy stood a naked girl in her mid twenties with short blond hair small tits and shaved pussy, also wearing a rubber collar.  The other was a very sexy Dominant looking woman, long straight jet black hair with a fringe and striking blue eyes bright red lipstick, dressed in rubber stockings, corset at least 38 EEs and thigh high leather boots with a very high steel stiletto heel.  From her appearance and demeanour Lucy was convinced she is clearly in charge.  The young girl was ordered to lead Lucy over to the shower area by her Mistress.  She padlocked a long chain lead to Lucy’s rubber collar and led her over to a tiled area.  As they crossed the floor, the Mistress was behind Lucy whacking her arse and thighs with a riding crop telling her what a worthless ill mannered slut she was, and how she was going to teach her manners.  When they reached the tiled area was padlocked to the wall while the rope binding Lucy’s wrists was tied to a large steel ring above Lucy’s head then raised by an electric winch till Lucy arms were fully stretched lifting forcing her to balance on her toes.

The sub then padlocked a bright shiny steel spreader bar to her ankles, forcing her legs wide open. Exposing her soaking dripping cunt and ass, for what they had planned next with her.

The jet of ice cold water hit Lucy’s purple titties, with such a force, knocking her off her toe’s and spinning her around. It felt to Lucy like being stuck with a thousand needles of made of ice which then danced on her soft firm body…

The little sub aimed the jet at poor Lucy’s already tortured cunt and tits which were still very sore. After hosing Lucy down for about 5 minutes they stopped. The Mistress then walked closer and ordered the sub to hold Lucy, while she used the jet on her clit. Lucy pleaded with the Mistress from behind the gag but to no avail.

The Mistress turned down the pressure till it was just a narrow jet and continued using it on Lucy’s clit till she made her cum, but just before Lucy was about to explode, the Mistress stopped and told her she wasn’t going to allow her to cum for the rest of the day.

The Mistress instructed her sub to lower Lucy’s onto her feet, and while in this position her tits were re tied, but this time the ropes were taken around her body over and below her 32DD’s and then over her shoulders after untying the rope from the metal ring, her arms were tied behind her aback with ropes passed around her biceps across the tops of her 32DD’s and finished on her back between her neck and wrists making a very strong upper body harness.

A typical shibari tit tie. Lucy was forced to bend forward; a chain from the ring on her rubber collar ran to each of her ankles and to stop her collapsing to the floor her rope harness was suspended from the metal ring. This made her the perfect height and angle for all hole use.

The Mistress sat on a bench right in front of Lucy’s face, laying back Mistress pulled Lucy’s head between her thighs pressing Lucy’s very surprised mouth hard against Mistresses shaven full wet lips and ground her cunt hard against it, making Lucy’s lick through the rubber ring gag. At the same the same time Mistress’s slave was giving Lucy an enema with a steel phallic shaped shower head.

The water filled her ass, and then she was forced to squirt it out onto the subs face and body. The sub filled Lucy’s cunt to overflowing with water, before drinking it all down from Lucy’s hot wet pussy. Mistress pulled Lucy’s face out of her cunt to allow her a breath, before removing the ring gag. Mistress did this so she could use Lucy’s tongue on her pussy, to suck, tongue fuck, and lick her clit. After the sub had finished cleaning out Lucy’s ass n cunt she was instructed to put a dildo harness on, this one held 2 dildos, one for poor Lucy’s ass and one for her aching cunt. The sub started to fuck Lucy hard n fast, while sliding her hand round and stroking Lucy’s sensitive swollen clit, while all the time her face buried deep inside Mistress soaking wet pussy getting well n truly face fucked .Mistress came filling Lucy’s mouth and squirting her hot sticky sweet cum all over Lucy’s face n 32DD’s…

Mistress gripped Lucy’s head tightly between her thighs as she pulled it even harder into her cunt. Lucy’s could hardly breathe or move her head, and then the taste of the juices changed from sweet cunt to steamy hot piss as it filled her mouth. Lucy tried to close her mouth as it filled, but couldn’t nor could she move her head she gagged and coughed as the hot steamy pissed filled her mouth to over flowing. The steamy hot piss running down her chin and dripping on to the floor.  Mistress finished pissing and wiped her cunt on Lucy’s face, pulled her head back by her hair slapped her face spit on it and told her she’d better get use to the taste of her Mistress’s golden liquor, and if she ever dripped again Mistress would make Lucy lick it off the floor. Lucy’s poor little ass and pussy were still being pounded hard by Mistresses cute little slave.

As the Mistress disappeared out of sight she came back wearing her giant sized strap on. Mistress presented the giant sized dildo to Lucy’s mouth and forced her to lick and suck it telling Lucy “Better get it all nice n wet because I’m going to fuck you in the ass with it”.

Mistress raped and fucked Lucy’s mouth making her gag with every stroke barely getting it in without breaking her already aching jaw. Mistress rammed the huge solid rubber dildo down poor Lucy’s throat, as she held Lucy’s nose controlling her breathing, each time counting down from 20,19,18,till to the point where Lucy is about to pass out, then Mistress would pull it out, giving Lucy the briefest chance too catch the slightest breath, before ramming straight it back down her throat. Mistress did this till Lucy started to cum then as she came and the whole of her body convulsed. Mistress didn’t withdraw in time Lucy struggled for breath as she came this action only intensified the orgasmic waves as they swept over Lucy.

The darkness slowly rolling over her eyes as she begins to passed out. Lucy came round only to find herself hanging by her wrists from a winch above her head, completely naked,
Mistress slapped her face hard, yanked her head back by the hair, spit on her face called her worthless cunt meat held her by the hair with her left hand while she forced Lucy’s mouth open with her right hand and spit in it Mistress grabbed Lucy by the nipples and swung her back and forth, as she was suspended by the winch, controlling the whole weight of her body by pulling and squeezing her nipples.  Mistress just laughed as she left Lucy swinging, then she a took a large leather flogger from its hook on the wall and started to flog Lucy’s already very sore 32DD’s, the louder Lucy begged, pleaded, and screamed the harder and faster the Mistress flogged her.  Mistress stopped flogging, walked away leaving Lucy sobbing, hanging like a piece of tenderised meat.

Mistress returned with 4 large electro pads, and what looked like a maternity pad made of Perspex with sliver foil on one side and a couple of cable connecters on the other.  Mistress instructed her slut slave to spread Lucy’s legs wide and secure her ankles to the big rings bolted to the floor. Then she covered Lucy’s inner thighs and outer cunt lips with a cooling soothing gel. After the sub finished applying the gel, she stuck the 4 large pads to Lucy’s inner thighs.  Then she pressed the copper foil coated Perspex foil side up against Lucy’s juice coated lips and secured it in place like a thong with cord over her hips.

Mistress’s slave attached cables to both the pads and the Perspex, and turned on the power. Lucy thought the gel was an act of kindness to help sooth her aching body, but what she didn’t realise is that its true purpose was to aid the flow of the electric current which is causing her thighs ass and cunt to dance, jerk and convulse mercilessly. Lucy’s wrists and arms ached, from the weight of her body constantly pulling on them as she hung suspended by chains from the winch.  Mistress continued to flog Lucy’s tits showing no mercy as the soft bruised and battered flesh of her 32DD’s yielded under every blow.  Every now and then Mistress had her slave, alter the intensity and the frequency of the electric current as she continued to move around Lucy’s suspended body.  Flogging every inch of her ass thighs and back, as the welts began to rise on Lucy’s ass and back, Mistress stopped the flogging, but instructed her slave to keep the power switched on for a while longer.

Mistresses Slave eventually switched off the power, and removed the patches and the Perspex strip from Lucy.  Slave untied Lucy’s ankles from the floor rings, and lowered her enough, so that her ballet booted feet were on the floor. But her arms were kept fully suspended above her head.  Lucy looked up; through the windows she could see it was beginning to get dark.   She had only agreed on a daytime session and really started to worry, she had no cloths to go home in and she’d been hear way longer than planned and stupidly hadn’t let any one know where she was.  Lucy tried to speak to Mistresses Slave but she ignored her, smiled a kind of wry smirk smile then walked off.  Mistress came back and as Lucy opened her mouth to speak she filled it with an inflatable penis shaped gag pulled the straps extra tight and padlocked them, then she inflated it till just about dislocated her jaw.  Mistress commented “That’ll keep your filthy worthless cunt mouth shut, you’ll only speak when I give you permission” Lucy really wanted to go home.

Lucy’s First Horse Ride

Mistress unchained her from the winch and dragged her over to what looked like an old builder’s horse.  Lucy struggled and protested in vane, her objections muffled behind the inflatable rubber gag, only arose derision from the Mistress.   Lucy tried to resist, but found she was too weak and her resistance was greeted with lashes from Mistress Whip.  The horse had 4 legs which were bolted to the floor, it was about 4 ft high, and the top was about 5ins thick and 9” wide and about 6ft long.  Mistress walked around the horse instructing Lucy to stand on the opposite side, and then she yanked hard on the chain leader pulling Marlin toward her, just about dragging Lucy over the top of the horse.  Lucy’s sexy little body was unceremoniously lifted of the ground, leaving her arm and legs flailing.  It didn’t take long for Mistresses Slave to chain and padlock Lucy’s ankles and wrists to the anchor rings on the wooden horse’s legs, putting Lucy in a very vulnerable position with out stretched arms and legs.  Leaving her completely vulnerable and with all her sore aching slut holes fully exposed.

Mistress bound Lucy’s tits to the top of the horse.   She pulled and squeezed Lucy’s nipples, till she could attach her biting steel clover clamps to them.  Mistress intended to hang some very heavy lead weights from them.  She lifted Lucy’s head up brushed the hair from her eyes just to show her the two very thick long steel electro stim wands before walking back behind.

Once again Lucy felt the cold soothing gel as it was dripped on to her ass n pussy holes together.   Then the coldness of the steel of the first baton as Mistress slipped into her gaping ass hole using very little force, Mistress then rammed the second baton deep inside Lucy’s hot wet cunt and switched the current on before fucking Lucy with long slow deep strokes, both her cunt and ass spasming around the batons gripping them tightly making her already over used holes hotter n wetter.  Mistress left the pulsating batons in place as she walked round to the front of Lucy using her hair raise Lucy’s face, she stroke her tear soaked cheeks. Smiled then rubbed her dripping cunt all over Lucy’s face covering it with her juices and burying it deep between her soaking wet lips.  Mistress pulled Lucy’s face from between her thighs, and smiled as she removed the inflatable penis gag from Lucy’s delicate little mouth.

The Mistress then turned her back to Lucy as she bent over she placed her hands on either but cheek, pulling them apart exposing he very pinky brown rosebud. Walking backwards, forcing Lucy’s face into it, telling her to slide in to her arse kiss it and lick it clean, fuck it with her tongue.  Lucy refusal resulted in the Mistress pulling her hair, slapping Lucy’s face hard, spitting on it and taking a flogger to her bound 32DD’s.   Mistress resumed her position with Lucy’s face once again, buried firmly between her but cheeks, tongue working hard on Mistresses ass hole.   Mistress reached further behind grabbing Lucy’s hair, using it to control her head, pulling it harder and deeper in her ass.  Lucy found the only air she was aloud to breathe was that of the Mistress’s ass, Lucy took in several large gulps before being aloud to breath.   Mistress kept this up for about 20 minutes before turning back to face Lucy.

As he held up Lucy’s head, she parted her cunt lips with her other hand and squirted her hot stream of golden liquor straight into Lucy’s open mouth then sprayed her face n hair.

Mistress pulled on the weights and chains attached to Lucy’s clamped nipples, before removing them.  The Mistress then reached out to one of the shelves next to her for a small pair of forceps, which looked like they had little forks for ends. She attached one to each nipple.  Lucy begged they bit into her erect nipple, the pain was unbearable but not as much as the pain she was about to feel, as the Mistress pushed it through her sensitive throbbing erect flesh.   Soon as she finished with the first piercing she then forced a bigger needle through the same holes.  After Mistress finished enlarging the holes, she was ready to insert 2 stainless steel rings. She had her slave bring to her.

After inserting the rings. The Mistress added a couple of small weights to each one. She kept taking the weight in each palm then letting it drop yanking on the fresh raw hole in her nipple… All the time the electro batons continued to torture her not so tight sore holes.  Mistress stroked Lucy’s hair from her face, kissed her brow and walked away, again leaving Lucy like a slab of meat.  Mistresses sub came and took the weights off Lucy’s newly ringed nipples and untied her sore, aching, battered and bruised 32DD’s from the top of the horse.  Her wrists were unlocked from the legs and cuffed behind her back, then her ankles were unlocked from the horse and then hobbled together and then force a very large ball gag into Lucy’s mouth.  Lucy hadn’t eaten all day, and had had only her Mistresses’ piss to drink.  She was knackered and sore.

The slave re attached the long chain to Lucy’s collar and led her away, towards a cage in the corner of the room. As they approached the cage, the slave opened the heavy door crawled inside and slotted the chain through the large ring on the wall at the end of the cage and pulled.  As she did so Lucy lurched forward on her hobbled ankles, nearly falling onto her 32DDs, the slave emerged from the cage laughing at Lucy as she regained her composure.  The Slave continued to pull on the chain resulting in forcing Lucy on to her knees, with her wrists firmly locked behind her back, ball gag still firmly in place.  The slave walked away leaving Lucy to wonder what was to happen to her, the cute little slave returned with a thick heavy leather hood and stood in front of Lucy holding the hood and waited.  Caged and Sense Deprived Lucy could hear voices approaching from behind, but couldn’t turn to face them because of the chain.

It was the Punisher and Mistress discussing if the new cuntmeat was ready for tonight’s little party and show. Mistress assured the Punisher there would be no problem as the cuntmeat had already tasted her ass gas’s and drank her piss and knows that if it misbehaves it will be severely punished.  Lucy’s was getting a little freaked at being referred to as cunt meat. Just what had she got herself into.   She should’ve been home ages ago, good job she booked tomorrow as a day off.   They stood either side of her and squatted beside her, they stroked her gently around the shoulders brushed the hair from her tear sodden face, before squeezing her nipples and feeling her dripping cunt.   Smiling at each other pleased with their work.

Punisher commented should get a good price for the cunt meat, as it’s so fresh to the market. He then instructed the Mistress that cunt meat was to be hosed down, thoroughly showered, all holes were to be douched and given enemas.  It was to be ready and presented for inspection by the guests at 22 hundred   it was not be fed or watered as it would be receiving plenty of cum to eat and piss to drink. The mistress slid the thick leather hood over Lucy’s head while the Punisher removed her gag without Lucy being allowed to speak.  The hood had its own ball bag and over the ball gag was a leather gag and a very thick leather blindfold.  Lucy felt the hood tighten against her face, as the zip was closed, but then as the laces were being pulled and tied. Lucy felt the thick leather hood become even more claustrophobic, and very silent, she couldn’t hear a thing through the thick leather barrier.   It became very difficult to breath through the two very small holes in the nose piece, making Lucy feel very light headed.

The chain was pulled forcing her to crawl on her knees into the cage. She was made to bend forward precariously balancing on her knees so as not to fall on her 32DD’s.

Once inside, the cage door was locked. her wrists were unlocked and pulled above her head and padlocked to the same ring her collar was pulled Lucy was now forced onto her back and her ankles were un hobbled and padlocked to the end of the cage. Lucy had been made to lie flat on her back. Although somewhat concerned as to her current predicament, this was the first time Lucy been allowed to relax, since arriving this morning.   This was to be short lived as suddenly she gasped as the huge dildo was forced into her cunt and she could feel it was attached to a wand, the dildo was forced deep inside her jamming the wand against now painful clitty, switched on and left.  Lucy tried in vain to push it out of her now soaking cunt but couldn’t nor could she move away from it, and just as she was about to cum it was switched off and left.

Then a few minutes later switched back on. This went on for about 4 or 5 times each time the kneed to cum grew to nearly boiling point, she was begging for them to let her cum.
The frustration was growing and beginning to drive her crazy.  Finally Lucy was allowed to cum. But now it was left on. Lucy’s body convulsed and jerked fuckin the dildo buried inside her stretched oozing cunt, and ground hard against the wand buried between her cunt lips pressing against her fully erect throbbing clit, but just as the denial started to drive her crazy, this was worse the constant orgasms were becoming very painful. After what seemed like an eternity of clit throbbing orgasmic pain the vibrator was switched off and Lucy was left lying in a pool of her own cunt juices.

Lucy began to drift into a sub state as she was to left to lye chained in the cage.  She didn’t hear the cage door open, but she felt the soft touch on her ankles of a small smooth hand stroking them, before each ankle was kissed in turn then the small soft hands and lips moved up her inner thighs to her very sore pussy, slowly and very gently kissing every inch this was not the Mistress who could it be.  And as quickly as it started it stopped just as the soft warm lips and tongue began lick and kiss Lucy’s swollen pussy lips. The warm soft body slid out of the cage as quietly as it had entered.

Lucy felt her ankles and wrists being unlocked as she was pulled out of the cage the chain still padlocked to her collar and her head encased in the thick heavy sensory deprivation hood.   Keeping Lucy on all fours she was forced to crawl of her temporary home and into a new cage this w one was different very different.  A dog shaped cage where each arm and leg were individually caged, keeping her on all fours, her hooded head was pulled through a hole at the end of a neck shaped  opening and was trapped in a steel ring padlocked.  The outer leather gag and inner rubber ball gag were removed from the sense deprivation hood and replaced with a very large rubber ring gag forcing her mouth open. The cage had holes at all the opportunistic and strategic places, and it is mounted on a thick wooden platform, with 4 heavy duty wheels, 1 mounted at each corner.

After being secured in to Lucy’s personal cage.  Mistress instructed her little slave to roll the cage to the middle of the floor of the Dungeon, where a single flood light shone its harsh white light.   Due to the hood, Lucy was totally oblivious to all of what was happening to her due to the thick hood.  Once they arrived at the centre of the floor.  The thick leather hood was removed and all Lucy could see was a room full of men in dinner suits and women dressed to please and tease.  What will happen to little Lucy!!

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Night Out

I’m going to take you to a club in London, where I’m quite well known and the door staff are friends and clients of mine. Where the only currency I’ll be using is your body. The cost of entrance will be you giving the Head Doorman a blow job.

The evening will go like this:

When we reach the front of the queue I’ll tell him that you’ll give him a blowjob, if he lets us in for free.

I pull your top down just enough to tease him, enough so he gets a good look at your rock pink nipples.

As I say to him

“If the cuntmeat was any hornier, she’d pay you to suck your cock” lol.

With that he’ll take us into the club and straight to the back of the cloak room.

You’ll kneel down in front of him, unzip him, pull out his cock, and work your magic on it.

Sucking it straight into your mouth without any hesitation.

I’ll tell from the expression on his face and the moans and grunts he lets out, even without you moving your head just how good you’re working his thick hard cock, with your tongue.

It doesn’t take long for his cock to get hard, as its throbs against your tongue, filling your mouth and making you gasp and gag as it bangs the back of your mouth.

Moving your head back, letting his thick hard cock slip out from your between your warm moist lips.

Taking hold of the long thick shaft in both your hands, stroking it from his balls to the very tip, as you work your tongue and lips on his bell end kissing, licking, and sucking.

Feeling his balls tighten, just before exploding, their first jet of hot salty jizz.

Grabbing hold of your hair, ramming his cock deep into your mouth as the second jet, hits the back of your throat.

Then yanking your head back, pulling his rock hard throbbing pulsating cum hose from your mouth, spraying the rest of his salty load of jizz all over your face.

Watching laughing as it runs down your chin and drips onto your tits.

Then forcing his big black rock hard cock, back into your mouth, raping and it ramming hard down your throat, till you gag cough and choke.

Salty tears streaming down from your panda eyes, he barks

“Clean it you dirty little fuck slut”.

You busily suck, lick and clean it leaving not a trace on his now slackening big black cock.

Opening your mouth wide, using your tongue like a cat to lick your lips chin and cheeks, using you hands like a cat uses its paws to clean off every drop of his hot creamy sticky thick cum from your face, then suck and lick the cum from your palms to your finger tips.

Before standing, you thrust your head back, opening your mouth as wide as you can, sticking out your tongue to show him, how you have swallowed every last single drop, and that none has been wasted.

He’ll show us to an empty table.

Where I’ll leave you sitting alone, but before I do, I’ll open your thighs nice and wide, enough so your tight little dress writhes up you lithe freshly shaven thighs.

Far enough to interest most of the men and women who are watching you.

It not’s long before the first horny dog comes sniffing at the table.

Standing before you, he makes every attempt to chat you up, finding it very hard not to look up your tight short dress, exposing vast amounts of soft firm inner thigh.

That expanse of enticing no man’s land, of soft firm extra smooth toned flesh, between the top of your silk stockings and your freshly shaven dripping cunt. Sitting beside you, I invite him to join us, opening your thighs a little further and tantalisingly trace my fingers along the inside caressing and stroking them as I do.

asking him

“Do you like what you see”

it’s easy to tell from the growing bulge in his pants, dropped jaw and the drool just how much he does.

“If you’re a good boy and get her a drink, we can swop places and this could be your hand”

I say this as I’m spreading your thighs a little further, just to tease him with a view of your freshly shaved juice coated cunt lips,

“Get us a couple of glasses of our favourite pink fizz and I’ll let her play with that bulge in your trousers”

I say it quite laughingly.

He summons the waitress, and I order two glasses of our Perrier Jouet – Belle Epoque Rose 2002.

“Put it on his bill” I instruct the waitress, and give her a wry smile doesn’t forget your tip.

The waitress returns the condensation glistens on the ice cold glass.

As she begins to pour she can’t help but notice his broad grin and the bulge in his trousers.

While she’s pouring I stand, to allow him to take my seat next to you.

He sidles across your to sit next to but as he does, you’re pulling him towards you, positioning the ever growing bulge right in front of you mouth.

Making it so easy for you to nibble and kiss, teasing his rock hard cock through the thin material his trousers.

Pulling the zip down and slipping your hand inside, grabbing, freeing his hard cock from its confines.

His rock hard cock throbs against your fingers, the purple head all swollen, desperate for the touch of your velvet tongue.

You’ll guide it towards your very eager mouth with your tongue coated in ice cold the pink fizz.

Running your tongue around the head before slowly trailing it up and down the full length of his shaft licking kissing and sucking his blood engorged member.

Teasing it every inch, as you take it slowly into your mouth, all the way to the back of your throat.

Allowing you to slip your tongue out under his balls and give them as a good lick.

With your mouth full of his over eager member, your hands grasping and pulling his ass towards you, as I grab your hair using it to push your head forcing your nose into his belly button, so you can get all his thick hard cock deep in your throat.

Making you gag hard coughing and spluttering pleading for breath.

Makes me smile to watch again as you struggle to breath gagging hard.

Your actions and those of your partner in crime have attracted a little audience of even hornier dirty dogs vying for the best voyeuristic positions to watch as you finish him off.

In an attempt not to disappoint your audience, I slide your tiny tight dress further up your waist, while spreading your legs as far apart as they can go.

Showing off you magnificent juice coated pussy dripping lips mmm.

One can tell by the glazed look in his eyes and the guttural moans, it won’t be long before he’s emptying his cum filled sack, into your cum hungry whore mouth.

He starts to jerk and pump your dirty slut mouth full with his hot sticky cum.

You milk it dry giving it a good clean with your hovering mouth, smile kiss his still throbbing cock.

Take a mouthful of the ice cold pink fizz, collecting it as we leave him to his bliss.

Our eager audience seem to be in need of more, to oblige and not disappoint.

I look for a more remote location, somewhere darker for what I have in mind.

A guy sits down next to us.

“Did you like our little show?” I ask him.

Putting my hand between your soft lithe thighs and let him watch as caress and stroke my hand getting ever closer to your now soaking wet pussy you grab my hand and push it between your full pussy lips and grind hard against it.

“She’d fuck you for a bottle of bubbly”

I don’t have to repeat myself and it’s not long before he’s back from the bar, with a nice ice cold bottle and a cock desperately straining to free itself from its zippered cage.

Gesturing him to sit in your seat as you stand, you deftly unzip his flies as he does, his rock hard member standing tall and proud springs from behind the metal teeth.

Spreading your thighs wide as you straddle his lap.

Lowering you gaping hungry cunt down onto his thick hard cock.

You start grinding against him, his cock buried deep inside your tight aching cunt.

Grabbing your hips, pulling you down onto his cock, as he grind and fucks hard against you.

Your throbbing sensitive clitty teased and tormented, wanting needing to explode.

You pussy aches and convulses as it grips his rock hard shaft, gushing your juices all over it as it does.

Covering his cock balls trousers and seat, with your hot sluthole juices.

Quickly you stand lifting your cunt clear of his rock hard cock only to drop straight back down, driving it as deep inside as you can take it.

Pushing your tits in his face, and pleading with him to fill your cunt with all his seed, telling him how you want to feel his cock throb and pulsate, shooting his cum deep inside your tight little fuckhole.

Looking around I spot a guy just a few feet away, watching you getting fucked.

He has his hand busy inside his trousers giving himself a nice slow cheeky little wank.

“Do you want her ass hole” I ask him?

Without replying he stands steps behind you and slides his cock into your newly lubricated asshole.

We are starting to attract too much attention and it’ll not belong before the bouncers arrive.

“Hurry up and fill her holes” I tell the men fucking you.

The bouncers get closer, the fucking gets faster, and who’s going to cum first, the cocks or the bouncers?

“Oi” the bouncer shouts.

In an instant cocks withdraw, leaving your cunt and ass gaping but empty.

We are quietly asked to leave the club, so with bottle in hand, we are led out of the club and walk to the taxi rank.

I can feel your frustration at the thought of going home with cum hungry cunt and ass all empty.

We approach the taxi rank you notice there’s a public loo.

You head straight towards the gents entrance.

Inside its dirty, stinks with the smell of piss.

Just as you enter a lucky unsuspecting guy appears from one of the cubicles pulling up his zip.

You push him back inside at the same time reaching for his dick.

Before he can utter a word off comes his belt, which you quickly loop around your neck, pulling it as tight as you can, unzipping his trousers, causing them to drop down around his ankles.

His cock firmly grasped in your hand.

“You don’t mind do you?”

I ask the bloke,

“She’s being a bit of a whore tonight, and needs a good hard cum filling fuck, so while filling her cunt.

Ill fill and pound her tight little ass.”

The three of us cram into the cubicle, as you push him down onto the toilet seat, standing over his cock, you lower yourself on to his white meat, sighing with pleasure at the feeling of his rock hard member deep inside of you.

Seizing the moment I slip my needy cock into your still gaping ass hole.

The three of us fuck in such synchronicity, cocks sliding in and out of your cunt and ass.

I’ve been so turned on watching you being a slut all night I can’t last long and within a couple of minutes I’m shooting my load into your tight little brown hole.

I pull my cock out and push a finger in your ass to keep my baby seed deep inside you.

While with my other hand I reach round to tease your clitty.

Your bouncing up and down on the guy’s cock is having the desired effect; he begins to fuck you harder, faster, and deeper until grunting he unloads all his baby seed into your dirty slut cunt.

You finally have that fully satisfied smile. At last with your cunt and ass full of hot salty sticky spunk, which starts to drip down your legs while we walk to the taxi rank. In the back of the cab I pull your skirt up and push your legs apart. The cab driver can see me fingering your cunt in his rear view mirror. He must be enjoying the view because his driving is getting worse and worse. My fingers pull the spunk out of your cunt and ass and rub it into your clit, round and round, trying to get you to cum in the back of the cab. Just before we get to our hotel street, I lean forward talking to the cabby.

“The slut forgot to bring any money out tonight; can she pay for her fare with her cunt?”

I ask him.

He’s already got a bulge in his trousers, from looking at your cunt all the way to your hotel.

Pulling into a dark side street, stopping the cab.

Leaving the cab door open as he steps out of his driving seat he uses the opened door to hide his rock hard cock from public of any passersby.

“Give him a suck to get him going” I tell you,

“Then use your cunt can pay for the cab home”.

As soon as you start sucking him he gasps.

“Better give him your cunt now before he fills you dirty hungry slut mouth with his hot sticky cum”

With that he bends you over the bonnet of his cab, spreading your legs wide allowing him to slide his thick hard cock deep inside your tight little cum filled cunt.

“She’s been a cheap whore all night” I tell the cabby,

“Fill her with your baby seed before we go home”

The cabby grabs your hips, his rampant thick hard cock slides effortlessly deep inside your tight cum filled fuck hole, as the spent cum oozes from your already filled cunt, runs down his thick hard shaft, dripping from his balls onto the tops of your stockings, before slowly running down your stocking covered thighs and calves.

“Pay her a tenner and you can finish in her ass hole” I tell him

The cabby hastily rummages through his jacket pocket for a crumpled tenner and inside the top of your dress.

With one swift move he pulls his throbbing hard cock from deep inside of your aching used up cunt and forces it hard and deep it into your very tight virginal ass.

It’s not too long before the cabby’s ball deep inside your little brown n pink rosebud, filling it full of his hot thick salty sticky cum.

With cum now running from all your holes covering your inner thighs and down you’re stocking filled legs drying in greyish lumps and rivulets.

We walk to your hotel entrance, and just before entering through the swing doors, I scoop a couple fingers full of cum from out of your dripping ass and wipe it all over your face, watch you walk marble entranced floor.

The ten pound note you earned still sticking out of the top of your skirt.

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Enjoy magical times with escort girls


Are you one among the millions of men around who wish to be with sexy, saucy and hot women? If so, why are you wasting your time and money in boring activities and pastimes? Just try the exceptional escort services and observe the many benefits these facilities offer to the clients. There are escort agencies in almost every part of the world and so you can be certain of getting the adult entertainment services without any hassles.

How to select the perfect services?

What you actually need to do is to just find a reliable escort agency, choose the best escort from the list of models and enjoy great, raunchy times. The best thing about using these services is that you do not need to commit to these girls of a serious, dedicated relationship. The girls are professionals who know that the customers want some time of real fun and entertainment. For this, the escort models do everything from lap dance, dirty and naught talking, strip tease, real time sex and other erotic things to make the customers fully satisfied and excited.

What do the girls provide? Physical satisfaction

The girls are great when it comes to offering sexy, seductive services and can touch the very core of your senses. These models can try different sexual positions in bed with you and make sure that you enjoy each bit of time spent with them. What more, the girls can do anything in bed just for the sake and satisfaction of the customers. If you love to enjoy blowjob, you can take pleasure of it by asking the escort to do it. The girls are sexy models who have all the experience of doing blowjob and other sexual activities. They will ensure that the best and most exciting blowjob is provided to you by them.

Emotional support

Also, the sexy and beautiful escorts indulge in offering emotional support to you when you are depressed or stressed out with something. They make sure that they hear all your heart out and give a shoulder to learn on. In their company, you can actually forget all your worries and enjoy a great time.

Enjoy trips and activities

The best part is that the girls are so fun loving and outgoing that they will take you out on city excursions and trips to take off all your boredom. You can go on the trips to international lands or local cities to relax in the company of these beauties. What is best about the escort services is that they charge affordable costs for the services offered. This in turn makes their services all the more enjoyable, admirable and accepted.

Privacy is maintained

What most clients like about the escort services is that these girls and escort agencies keep the personal information of the customers all safe and discreet. Thus, the clients do not hesitate or fear from taking the services as they are sure that their details will not be leaked to any third party.

Most escort agencies have their full fledged sites that state the terms and conditions and other policies. It is thus imperative for the customers to go through these policies and rules carefully before they hire the services of sexy escort models.

The best thing that is liked about the escort sites are that the rates and per hour charges of the escort models are clearly mentioned. This in turn helps the customers to fix the services as per their set budget. The rates are mentioned on the site so that the customers do not feel that they are duped or overcharged. Thus, to get the best of escort services, it is always recommended that you get some references from friends or colleagues who have tried the services before.


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Enjoy scintillating moments with teen, young, saucy escorts

Is your wife or girlfriend angry and so she ignored your idea to travel with you to some exciting destination? Just get ready to enjoy amazing times with the young teen escorts. These models are vivacious, fun and exciting to spend time with.

Who can enjoy escort services?

There are also a number of men who lose confidence after some point of time and feel that they are old and so cannot enjoy being with a younger lady. But the escort agencies and models can help you spend your time in total enjoyment and bliss. When you feel depressed and low, the company of these escort girls will be what you just require to enjoy your time.

Why these escorts?

The sensuous and erotic escort models actually stand for amazing features such as curvaceous body, attractive looks, professional attitude and dedication towards work. These escorts feel really delighted to meet their clients and make sure that they offer the best services. Also, you can be assured that these girls are the high end professionals that never go wrong when it comes to maintaining privacy and secrecy of the client’s details.

What they feature?

The beautiful young girls have everything you can even dream of. From brilliant features to amazing curves, you name them and the escort will have it. Definitely, their young, saucy bodies will attract you to be with them for more time. Just go through their pictures and profiles and choose the ones who are best for your needs. Ensure that you hire the services of a licensed and certified escort only before you enjoy the time spent with the girl.

Services and facilities you can enjoy

The escort models can provide you great massage, lap dances and other entertaining activities. The girls are young and sizzling at heart with other features like outgoing personality and professional outlook. So, if you spend a tiring day at work, just spend some time with these girls and you will be able to enjoy the best of moments. The young, sizzling, hot models will make you forget about all your problems and ensure that you actually feel good and satisfied. Their lovely smiles can make your day shining.

One of the amazing things about spending time with these escorts is that you can enjoy date with these gorgeous girls irrespective of your age or looks. A number of men generally feel that they will not be able to spend fun moments with the young girls as they have become too old for such things, but the good part is that these models know very well about how to make their clients revitalized and happy. So, no matter how you look or how old are you, you can enjoy company of the sexy girls whenever and wherever you wish like.

Enjoy immensely

Further, just get ready to dive into the eyes and arms of these girls who are not only lovely and charming, but heart throbbing and cheerful as well. They will surely set your heart thumping with pleasure and excitement. A great partner for enjoyment, these girls are at your disposal whenever you want to offer the sizzling and exciting services to you. So what are you thinking of? Just hire the best escort available and explore all experiences of a lifetime with the beautiful, alluring, attractive and stunning escort models. The girls are available anywhere and everywhere ranging from the hotel room to your residence.

All being said about the charming, young teen escorts, just make your choice, pick the best girl out there and enjoy what all is there in store for you, carefully presented to you by the sexy girls. You will be sure of enjoying every bit of your experience with these models.



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Escort models: enjoy a lifetime experience with them

Escorts are not just popular for their eroticism and charm, they are even famous for offering the best of hospitality and warmth. These models will present you with amazing services and offer you pleasure that is just irresistible and outstanding. The pleasure that they provide is simply amazing and this is the reason that female escorts have gained so much popularity and importance.

Hire escorts for different occasions

These days, the gorgeous escorts are expected to be more than just attractive. A large number of clients look for delightful and interesting dinner companions, beautiful ladies to escort them to social gatherings and the partners for real time sex.

Amazing girls available

There is indeed a huge variety of escorts available. For instance, you can select from the independent escorts or the girls from escort agencies, party escorts, VIP models or the private girls. All these ladies are readily available online and you can enjoy sensuous massages from these girls and make your senses relaxed and rejuvenated. The best of escort agencies are featured with list of stunning girls who are in the escort business since years. These women offer the services for party time, fun activities, romantic dinners and/or for wild, sexy nights.

Privacy is kept at top most priority

The best of escort services keep the identity of the clients private and discreet. The payments and bookings are handled with pure confidentiality. It is thus best to enjoy the services of these escorts and have a great time in the company of gorgeous, stunning women. But it is also wise to check their rates and prices beforehand and thus enjoy the services without any hassles.

Choose your girl wisely

While using the escort site, you can have a look at the real pictures of the girls to pick the best escort. If your taste runs out to be more sensuous and erotic, you can opt for mature, experienced or ebony escorts. But in case you did not get the time to browse around and book the escort in advance, you may end up getting nice, pretty escorts who are available at that time. Thus, it is always recommended that you make your bookings well in advance and choose the girl of your choice.

Perfection is actually what the escort services are about and so, you need to bank on reliability and authenticity of the escort agency you wish to hire the escort services from. These escort girls are slender, exotic and sexy with the best of etiquettes and smiles to make you feel on top of the world. Also, as mentioned above, discretion is practiced and highly valued and so the customers can enjoy the services without any worries.

Sizzling beauties to lure you

The escort agencies indeed play a great role to provide charming, sizzling and hot girls to the clients. These escort girls are not available on the streets to go in bed with you, they are classy and so you can first get full details about them and then hire their services. The profiles of these escorts let the customers know their background, origin, body measurements and the specialized services that they offer.

Their looks and moves are enough to sweep you off your feat, offering the best of sexual times. With perfect bodies and amazing attitude, these girls will surely impress and attract you and you will feel the urge to visit them again and again.

The escorts even confer the pleasure of lifetime with their services and amazing company. extremely irresistible and attractive, the models make your heart beat racing and your friends will surely get jealous of you as they see you with such stunning, sexy and hot babes. So, try the escort services once and you will be mesmerized by the beauty and charm of these models.




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Young teens are much preferred escorts

Young teen escorts are the best girls who can be used to hire adult, raunchy services. These escort models have been hired by a number of customers since a long time and are still used to enjoy fun times. The young models look innocent and charming and thus have the grace to attract customers towards them. These young girls are great when it comes to blow jobs and other raunchy activities.

Sexy models

The girls are so sexy and seductive that they make the best of companions for the desperate customers. The clients can take them home, in hotel rooms or at the private lounges to spend sexy times with the girls. The models, on the other hand, make sure that they satisfy the clients to the fullest extent and without any issues or hesitations.

Young teens are fashion divas

The manner they dress up for the clients is simply ravishing and eye catching as well. They can dress up like a lioness, waitress, bartender or flight attendant to fulfill the desires and deep rooted fantasies of the customers. With sexy lingerie and attires, the girls make certain that they look their best and sexiest thereby making the clients drool over them.

Hire young escorts from agencies

The girls can be hired through the escort agencies. These agencies ensure that the most stunning girls are made available to the clients and that too at reasonable and affordable rates. The best thing to use the agency services is that you can get reliable escorts who will keep your identity and personal details discreet and private.

While hiring the services from these escort agencies there are a few pointers that need to be given proper consideration. These include checking the authenticity of the agency before you purchase the services, reading a few reviews about the girls offered by the agency and the rates charged. All these details will help you a great deal to choose the best agency and the best of escort models.

Hire from reputed agencies only

The reputed agencies make sure that the girls they provide for services are fully professional and do not hesitate in offering the adult services. This in turn makes the clients fully sure that they get simply the best and most attractive girls. To choose a girl of your choice, you can simply visit the site of the agency and see for yourself which girl suits your taste and preferences the best.

Choose the best young sexy teen escort

Making the right decision in choosing the escort is indeed a great step that needs to be taken up with care. You need to check the prices charged by every girl so that you can hire the most affordable yet the most stunning of them all. The young escorts are so charming and attractive that the clients fall for them at the first sight. The best thing that you can enjoy with a reputed agency is that they put real pictures of the escorts on their site so that the customers can get what they choose or order.

So, when you feel bored or alone, do not try the dull activities like going on a movie, eating out alone or others. Just check out the best escort models and spend great time with them. Make sure that you make your bookings in advance in order to avoid the hefty costs that are charged at last minute bookings. Also, the last minute bookings do not let you enjoy the freedom to choose from the vast variety of girls. This is so because the sexiest of girls may be busy somewhere else and all you get is to compromise on some average looking girls. Spend great times with young, raunchy girls and enjoy to the fullest extent.




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Enjoy services from experienced, skilled escort models

Experienced escorts are available in plenty at the escort agencies and sites on the net. These escort models are highly skilled, trained and professionally experienced in their field of work and so ensure that the best services are offered to the clients. The experienced models have the knowhow about how to deal with the desires and fantasies of the clients and how to keep them fully satisfied with the services provided.

Best in adult entertainment

The experienced ladies are basically in the field of escorting and adult entertainment from a long time and strive hard to make certain that they offer just the best of what they can. From the online escort agencies, one can hire the best and sexiest escort to have pleasurable time.

Enjoy services easily

The experienced and skilled escorts further make sure that whatever be the time or location that the client chooses to enjoy the services, the escorts provide them all with no questions asked. The best thing that you can see with these escorts is that they do not hesitate to indulge in adult services and so they offer whatever the customers wish to get. Be it hard core, night long sex or spending some raunchy times on the foreign trips, these girls are best in all the services.

Experienced escorts: enjoy amazing services

The escorts further have knowledge of how to best deal or tackle the clients and their diverse desires. If a client wants to go on a romantic dinner date with the girl chosen, the escort makes sure that she dresses up well and looks amazing on the dinner. The girls are even featured with best of manners and etiquettes so that the customers feel great when in their company. The escort models are sophisticated and elegant as well along with being gorgeous and charming. And this is what makes them all the more attractive and acceptable.

The experienced models know how to deal with the emotional problems of the clients and thus provide them with a shoulder to cry on.  More so, if you are really fed up of your dull and monotonous life schedule, you can pep up your life with amazing time spent with the escort girls.

Escorts for fun times

So, every moment that you spend with the escorts is worth cherishing. The way they carry themselves and the attitude they possess is simply fantastic as well. If you wish to go on for concerts and shows but do not have a company, it is best to hire the experienced escort services. These girls help the clients to stay happy and joyous all through their company and further make certain that the customers enjoy every bit of the time spent with them.

Naught girls for sexy moments

If you want some sexy, raunchy and naughty models, then these experienced and expert ladies are the best pick you can trust. The reason because of which you should choose the experienced models is that they have served many clients in the past and so they know how to carry out their services in the best interest of the clients.

What more, with the services of a skilled and professional model, you can forget all your tensions and worries and lead a happy, stress free life. The girls are there to offer you services in all respects- be it emotional support, physical services or otherwise. You can easily rely on these girls for all types of services and entertainment. When it comes to best of adult entertainment and facilities, the experienced escorts are surely the girls who can be relied upon.

So, why waste your time when you have the budget to hire experienced, professional and sexy escorts for your fantasies.


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